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Empower Solar Australia offers renewable energy solutions for small to medium sized businesses that will enable and achieve significant electricity cost reductions. Commercial solar is a more affordable and sustainable energy option, it makes business sense.


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When the sun shines onto solar panels it generates DC (Direct Current) electricity. The DC electricity is fed into a grid-connected inverter which converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC (Alternate Current) electricity, which can then be used by the property. The AC (240V) electricity is then used to power appliances, lighting etc. and when the sun is shining it is the solar-generated electricity that will be used to meet energy usage demand.

The panels are secured to tin or tile roof structures by fixings which are all engineered and certified to Australian standards.

The PV System shuts down in the evening and re-starts operating the following morning as soon as there is sufficient sunlight. The inverter stores and often displays electricity generation figures or you will have access to this information via a monitoring App.

When you install a PV Solar system you may require a Bi-directional meter. This meter will be installed by the Electricity Network Operator if your property does not already have one. It measures the electricity consumption or usage but also the amount of surplus energy the PV Solar System produces and exports to the electricity grid. You may also receive a credit or payment for this, it is referred to as a feed-in tariff.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Empower Solar Australia is positioning itself at the forefront of the transformation that is electric vehicles also known as EVs.

The growth of EVs and their ever-increasing presence on the nation’s roads will only continue to grow. As such ESA plays host to regular gatherings of EV Owners Clubs; it stocks and sells charging cables; it boasts two publicly accessible EV chargers at its business premises in Perth; it provides advice and assistance to new EV owners to ensure trouble-free motoring and also installs the Zappi EV Charger for residential and business customers.

To learn more about your EV charging options and how solar can provide you with an integrated renewable energy future sooner than you think, contact Empower Solar Australia.

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Battery-Storage systems when integrated with solar work by storing the excess solar power produced during the day for use later in the evening. With declining feed-in tariffs being paid for surplus power exported to the grid, further financial gains can be achieved rather than selling it back to your retailer.

Combined with the right electricity supply plan, you could make further savings by adopting a few behavioural changes and making use of your stored power during peak tariff periods.

Empower Solar Australia installs multiple storage systems weekly and is TESLA Powerwall Certified. A battery-storage system offers flexibility and can provide power backup during electricity outages or blackouts. They are versatile, they continue to decline in cost, and will provide you with another renewable energy option for many years.

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How We Can Help

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The connection between day-time business hours and solar energy generation means that commercial solar systems can save businesses between 80% to 100% off their electricity bills. When the cost-benefit analysis of solar is concluded, there are large operational cost savings to be made.

Commercial solar can be financed, with the repayments and the new reduced electricity bill combined, often less than your current power bills. Commercial Solar can be cash flow positive from day one; the savings generated by the solar system will more than cover the borrowing cost over the finance period.

You will achieve the return on your investment in solar after a 2-3 Year Payback Period, where the business will then redeem and benefit from all of the savings.

There may be other tax benefits and deductions such as depreciation and the cost of finance but it is suggested that independent financial advice be obtained.

40kWp Commercial Solar McDonald’s


McDonald’s Lakelands was a long time in the making with extensive consultation and liaison with multiple stakeholders.

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30kWp Commercial Solar Heritage Realty


Located on Albany Highway, Heritage Realty approached Empower Solar Australia seeking renewable energy options.

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40kWp Commercial Solar Price Trandos Engineering


An assessment of their current energy usage and future plans enabled the optimum-sized solar system to be designed and installed at their Wangara business premises.

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What We Offer

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A superior service and 5-Year quality of installation warranty

Aftercare is important such that Empower Solar Australia provides you with an installation services warranty for any defects to the work carried out when your solar system was installed; we refer to this as the Installation Quality Warranty.

Reliable products with an Australian presence

Empower Solar Australia only procures products from reputable local suppliers. All system components are compliant with all regulatory requirements and certified to Australian Industry Standards.

Best all-round deal, guaranteed

As a business, we understand the price pressures all businesses face which is why our commercial solar options will always represent value for money. Empower Solar Australia can future-proof your business with more affordable and sustainable, renewable energy.

Customised design to suit your needs

The solar system design process commences with electricity consumption analysis. We will determine what size system best suits your business; if you have the roof space Empower Solar Australia will install a system that will power your daytime electricity needs.   


Seamless process from start to finish

Empower Solar Australia ensures you are informed from the outset on how we plan, manage and commission your commercial solar system. Once engaged to install a system your job is done, we do the rest but you’ll be kept you informed of progress, step-by-step until the system is up and running.

Partner With Us

At Empower Solar Australia we believe customer experience and satisfaction is what matters most.

We strive to provide superior, honest, and professional services to our customers throughout each phase of installing solar from; planning, designing, quoting, regulatory, finance, procurement, installation, and aftercare.

Once you contact us, we will organise an obligation-free site inspection to determine your energy needs and then develop a tailored solar solution to meet those needs, now and in the future.

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