However, their application for installing a battery-storage system, making use of their existing solar system was rejected. This raised concern about energy security, with the local network infrastructure or grid becoming overloaded with rooftop. They sought a solar solution that would support their lifestyle and allow them to better manage their electricity supply and growing demand.

Empower Solar Australia installed:


  • 7.8kW solar system with 19x JA Solar DeepBlue 3.0 415W mono perc half-cell solar panels.
  • 1x Fronius Primo 8.2kW inverter,
  • Providing a maximum solar power output of 7.8kW, and space for future panel expansion.
  • 1x Selectronic SPMC PRO 7.5kW
  • 7x stacks of 3kWh GenZ 48V lithium battery storage, in a dedicated battery cabinet that can easily expand the battery capacity up to 36kWh.
  • 1x Tesla High Power Wall Connector EV charger
  • 1x 15A GPO


This innovative system setup allows our customers to consistently charge their first Tesla with 100% renewable energy, while we will soon commence moving the entire property off grid over the next two stages.